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Free plan

As a trial or for small schools. At no cost, forever.

  • Maximum 10 kids
  • Daily diaries, photos, videos, messages, records
  • 100 MB of storage
  • 1 location
  • Customer support ticketing system (24 to 36 hours)
  • No cost, no credit card required

Premium plan

Make the most of it. You pay according to the number of kids and the functions you choose.

  • Unlimited kids (of your choice)
  • Choose the modules (features) from all available
  • Unlimited storage space (of your choice)
  • Unlimited locations (of your choice)
  • Customer support ticketing system (12 hours max.)
  • Secure payment by credit card or PayPal

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Register for free
Maximum number of kids (number of kids enrolled in active classes). There is no maximum limit to the number of old records in the archive.
Storage space
The storage space allows you to store photos, videos and documents.
100 MBCustomisable
Staff access
Platforms available to educators/coordinators.
Android App (1) ‐ iOS App (1) ‐ WebAndroid App (1) ‐ iOS App (1) ‐ Web
Parent access
Platforms available to kids' families.
Android App (1) ‐ iOS App (1) ‐ WebAndroid App (1) ‐ iOS App (1) ‐ Web
App offline logging
Android and iOS app allows educators to enter data even when there is no connection, so as to avoid problems even in schools where the internet connection is not always present everywhere.
Available languages
The Kindertap interface is fully available in several languages
Italian ‐ English ‐ GermanItalian ‐ English ‐ German
Logging daily diaries
Logging of daily diaries, with notifications, activities, meals, naps, pee and poo.
Photos and videos in diary posts
Photos and videos can be added to diary posts to enrich shared information.
Download of diaries for parents
If enabled, it allows parents to download diaries in PDF format.
Sign in-out
Kids and staff attendances
It allows you to record kids and staff attendances manually or automatically (with cards or PIN).
Sign in-out with cards or PIN
It allows relatives and employees to record attendances using a special reader. The registration can be done with a card or PIN.
Meal list
Extract the meal list for the day with the list of diets and intolerances
Access control
Allows you to open doors (or to ring bells) after registering attendance
Automatic notifications of absences (push, sms, voice) (2)
Automatically alert parents in case of unjustified absence of their kid
Booking of calendar events
With the Kindertap calendars you can plan events and set the access criteria (e.g. max 50 students enrolled in the swimming pool course, max 5 entrances between 8:00 AM and 8:15 AM) and parents can book the reservation directly from the app.
Anamnesis forms and self-declarations
Fill out a data collection form to monitor the health of the kids, of the people accompanying them and of the internal staff and prepare self-declarations dedicated to families.
Fees schedule
You can share deadlines with parents and provide details of the amount charged
Payment reminder
Automate the sending of payment alerts via push notifications and emails
In-app virtual POS
Accept credit card payments and automate the recording of receipts
Customisation of charts/tables
It allows you to create observation charts according to standard (e.g. Kuno Beller's) or customised models
Collection — Not available on iOS app
Observations addition and filing
Charts and tables of results
Depending on the model, you can also process collected data and extract charts and tables
General  —  Photos and videos
Shooting from the App and importing from the App and the Web
The App allows you to take photos and videos and have the images uploaded into Kindertap gallery
Tags and search
Tags are information that can be associated with photos to intelligently search for images.
Sharing with privacy control
Photos and videos can be shared with relatives with automatic control over privacy permissions collected from parents.
Download of photos and videos for parents
It allows parents to download photos and videos, either individually or in a ZIP archive.
Start a slideshow of the photos for on-site viewing (e.g. on a monitor placed at the entrance)
General  —  Forms
You can design your forms by choosing between enrollment forms, requests (e.g. change of time slot, request for holidays by the staff) and surveys. You can choose which fields should appear in the form, add attachments and explanations.
Online compilation
You can share an access link to the form or have the user access directly through the app menu. All compilations are always available and can be exported in various formats (e.g. Excel, JSON, PDF).
Digital signature (2)
The advanced electronic signature gives the form submitted by the user full legal value according to the European eIDAS regulation. At the end of the compilation, the user is immediately guided through the signing process.
Import into the records
The enrollment forms can be imported into the application records, together with the files uploaded by the families.
Prepare admission rankings with specific filters and sorting criteria
General  —  Messages
Archived messages
The maximum number of messages you can keep archived
Direct conversations
You can write to single contacts: parents or colleagues
Private or public groups
You can create groups of families or colleagues
Attach photos, videos or any other type of file to messages
General  —  Records
Kids, Relatives, Employees
You can file information about kids, parents, authorised relatives and employees.
You can archive documents within the records and share them with interested parties.
Classes are filed and enrolled kids are grouped so that each educator can view only his/her own kids.
Activities, Places
You can list the activities performed and the spaces of the school.
General  —  Other features
Calendar events
Use calendars to plan events such as private meetings, parties or courses.
Sharing of calendar events
When an upcoming event affects families, share it: parents will receive a push notification and will be able to view all the information.
Push notifications
Send a notification to parents' smartphones in case of updates to diaries, photos, presences, calendar events, etc.
Group custom policies
Define user groups with customised access/data modification policies
General  —  Locations
Number of Locations
Number of locations that can be set up in a single Kindertap account and where you can use the software.
Data grouping by location
Essential for all organisations with multiple schools. Thanks to the locations, data can be grouped in such a way as to have ordered subfolders.
Record sharing among different locations
You can associate records with more than one location (this is useful mainly for employees working in more than one school, such as area coordinators).
Selective access
You can associate the employee records with the locations, thus deciding which data employees can have access to. The administrator always has access to all data.
Customer support
Customer support ticketing system
In case of any problems or doubts about software operation you can write to our customer support.
24-36 hours12 hours max.
Video tutorial and guides
Learn how Kindertap works in detail with our video tutorials.
Kindertap is constantly updated to offer you new features and various improvements

(1): Some functions may not be available (fully or partially) in the Android and iOS apps. To receive more information on limitations, contact our customer service.

(2): Service with an additional cost (extra fee) calculated based on real consumption (pay-as-you-go). To receive more information, contact our customer service.